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Testimonials From our Members

Divine Living, is a private membership association formed for supporting living souls in living their divine lives thru non-invasive supportive health and healing modalities and other projects that benefit our association members.

SOQI Infra-Red Hot House Treatment

During the last week of November 2021 I had the privilege of experiencing SOQI Infra-Red Hot House treatment from Karin Keough. This treatment simultaneously includes an application of infra-red heat and a gentle powered movement of the lower body. This combined simultaneous application primarily works on, stimulates and activates the human body lymph system. The lymph system is a subsystem of the endocrine system. I am aware that it is important that all endocrine subsystems function properly; otherwise the entire endocrine will likely be affected adversely. After approximately an hour of treatment, I noticed that I felt more alive. Also, excluding any particular hormonal stimulation feelings, I noticed familiar bodily feelings from my youth. Last but not least I felt more physically balanced and coordinated. I plan to continue with Karin's SOQI Infra-Red Hot House treatments from time to time.

-David Carl Sinclair December 4, 2021

QuEX Biofeedback Device

In the spring of 2021 I had the privilege of experiencing Bio-feedback treatment with Karin Keough and her QuEX Biofeedback Device. The treatment lasted about an hour and the general emotional and physical feelings and sensations both during, and for several hours after the actual treatment could best be described as uplifting. My wife recalls that since the treatment I have had a relatively more laid-back attitude about life and have been so without losing healthy motivation. I agree that this is the case. My wife also recalls that since this treatment I've been less prone to emotional reactivity. We've both noticed that I've particularly been slower to anger. I plan to continue with Karin's QuEX Biofeedback treatments from time to time.

-David Carl Sinclair November 19,2021

Hi Karin, Thank you for yesterday's session. I wanted to give you a follow - up.

After the treatments (SOQI and QUEX) I was exhausted, drained, and kinda dopey for about 5 hours, had a ravenous appetite, then suddenly I felt stronger, and "back to normal", and positive. My sinuses, which were still stuffy from the cold (and probably allergies too) were much better, and I don't have much cough left now either.I'm eager to try more of your modalities, and the QUEX again! Blessings,

Linda ,2022


My wife and I both came to the healing center looking for answers on multiple fronts. I first was able to use the infrared bed. Before I tell you about my experience, I have to give a little background. My wife and I own a painting business that we had just started. I was used to a desk job and now was doing a much more labor intensive job. To top it off, I was doing all the work myself because my wife just had major surgery and was on bed rest. Needless to say, I had worked myself past exhaustion and didn't know what relaxation or a pain free life even felt like. 20 minutes in, I noticed that I could finally breathe. My lungs opened up and I could breathe! 40 minutes in and my body was relaxed in a way that I couldn't even explain to you because I had never experienced that type of relaxation in my life. Once it was over and I got out, I felt 10 years younger. That I could take on the world. I was way more flexible. In the coming work days, I felt much stronger and able to do a lot more. I felt less irritable. I used to get mad at the most simple things and for some reason, it was like that part of my brain had completely shut off. My home life is so much better and my relationship with my wife has gotten 1000 times better. The best way I could describe the experience of going to the healing center is; its like love, its not something you can explain, you just have to experience it to understand.

Dominick ,2022


I came to Karin's facility after surgery. My husband and I were expecting a child and I had an ectopic pregnancy burst. I had to have emergency surgery to remove it and a liter and a half of blood from my stomach. I had to have a blood transfusion and stayed overnight for observation. I was given 3 types of pain killers. One of which was OXYCODONE which is highly addictive; and was ordered to stay on bed rest for 6 weeks. Being someone that does a very physical job, owning a painting business, I am used to moving ladders all day and carrying heavy buckets of paint. We are a small business that cannot afford for me to take 6 weeks off of work. My husband and I were desperate to find anything to help me get back on my feet and stop needing the pain killers; the pain was exhausting. I spent 2 hours doing biofeedback; and without telling her everything that I was having issues with, this machine knew every little thing that I have had issues with my entire life; stuff that was not even related to the surgery. As this machine was reading my body; I could feel and hear an energy going through my body. It showed me my aura and energy. It did acupuncture on areas of my body that needed it; including my spine and stomach. My kidneys have always had issues my entire life and I also know I also had a UTI. It told me my mental traumas I had and I am not sure how it helped me with those things that have haunted me from my childhood but I can say that I don't think about them as much anymore or I am not angry about them. I understand that they needed to happen in order for me to be who I am. I am more at peace with the people and the experiences that caused them. I am not someone that needs to know all the hows but I am someone that has a healthy level of skepticism and beliefs. I believe that this machine helped me. I am less than 2 weeks post op and back to work lifting ladders and paint. My energy is at a normal level and I have not taken any pain killers since the day that I did this. I had migraines and exhaustion every day after surgery and then they were GONE! I have not taken one pill, had to rest or sit down. I feel 120% and I am more motivated than ever! I believe my body healed itself faster with this experience and let me tell you that if you go into this not believing it will work, it wont. Your body will decline healing itself. It is about your cells and what you want to happen to you. I don't believe western medicine works whatsoever. I think it is designed to make us more sick and addicted. I would highly recommend this for anyone that is desperate to be helped and is open to actually healing.

Tarah ,2022

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