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Health Spa

At Divine Living, we offer the experience of being bathed in the scalar wave energy and regenerative photons of a 16-unit Energy Enhancement System, as created by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael. Our healing center allows you to lie back in comfortable chairs in the healthy environment of the EESystem and enjoy a relaxed meditative state.

Our EESystem room has a variety of reclining chairs, lounges and a sit-to-stand chair as well as anti-gravity chairs. We provide pillows and blankets for those to utilize.

Energy Enhancement System

What is it: The Energy Enhancement System™ (EESystem™) generates multiple bio-active life enhancing energy fields, including “scalar waves”. These 32 filed-generating units are precisely aligned to create a quantum bio-photonic field.

How does the EES work: It generates multiple bio-active live-enhancing energy fields, including scalar waves which can allow cell regeneration, improve circulation and immune function, reduce inflammation, provide relief from pain, detoxify the body, elevate moods and assist in balancing right and left-brain function for optimal meditation and steep states. Scalar waves can also increase cell membrane potential, mitochondrial and stem cell activity and energy level for optimum function.

Dan Dial’s Molecular Enhancer

Dan Dial’s Molecular Enhancer falls under the category of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy and a multiple-wave oscillator. It saturates the cells of the body with the appropriate resonate energies on which the cells’ electro-chemical systems depend (feed) on.

This, in turn, maximizes the chemical processes of the cells, which are brought into balance through mutual resonance, allowing proper repair and operation.

When one uses the Enhancer regularly, it maintains the electrical health of the body on the cellular level by bringing the electrical level in each cell to the same potential, i.e. working in harmony. All chemical processes in the body require energy to take place and the Enhancer feeds the cells’ energy need at the molecular level, energetically assisting the cell in its chemical processes.

This is accomplished by setting up a high-energy field in and around the body through multiple-wave resonance.

The Enhancer does not pass current through the body. The transfer of energy is accomplished through induction. All that is used is the oscillating-field voltage and not the current. A person is insulated from the high voltage at either connection by glass. This prevents excess current from getting into the body.

The resonance process is similar to gently shaking a box of marbles. After a while, the marbles organize themselves into the natural order their shapes dictate. The cells molecular structure (encoded by the persons DNA) has the same way of organizing themselves IF provided sufficient energy. When this is achieved, the cells work at maximum efficiency without causing cellular stress.

The Enhancer is the vehicle providing the movement in the molecular structure of the cells to their optimum interactive arrangement for normal operations within each cell. And it does this, not by passing current but by providing a resonant state that the bodies cells try and match.

One scientist explains it this way: A normal cell has an electrical potential of 70 millivolts (mV), an aged cell has 50 mV and the cancer or ill cell has 15 mV. When the cell is in electrical difficulty, the mV and sodium-potassium levels are out of balance causing cellular distress.

The high-resonate potential provided by the Enhancer brings all of the cells to an equal level, basically nature’s way of resetting them to their normal state. This provides the potential for healing to occur at an accelerated pace without stressing the cell.

The additional energy restores cell integrity by reorienting its molecular structure to allow for easier potential movement and interaction. Basically, it bolsters the field of each cell individually, so the cells support each other more easily, thereby helping to create a balanced system.

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The QUEX ED Cybernetic System

The QUEX ED Cybernetic System is the most sophisticated instrument in the world of Stress Reduction today. Combining applications of Biofeedback and many other Stress Management Programs,the technology provides you with the one of the best options in complementary care. By including the QUEX ED Biofeedback Technology and it's multiple computerized Stress Reducing software programs, you can gain deep insight into vital bio-energetic information.

The QUEX ED is designed to correct the manifestation of stress and/or electro-stress patterns within the individual at the most primal of physiological levels. The device works on the theory that stress disrupts the inherent electromagnetic frequencies at which the body's cells, organs, etc. resonate and that by returning these frequencies to their natural state, the stress and any subsequent illness that occurred because of the disruption can be corrected. The information is gathered from the body through electrodes in head and limb straps providing an objective, accurate and precise picture of the client's general stress profile. This information is selected and listed by the QUEX ED in order of the highest reaction, and the stressors are analyzed in the course of a stress management session.

Live O2

Live O2 w/ Adaptive Technology only takes 15 minutes! Patented Adaptive Contrast technology gives you access to both oxygen concentrated air and oxygen depleted air. It is the newest generation of exercise with oxygen technology. By training with oxygen depleted air your cells quickly create an increased demand for oxygen.

When you flip the switch back to higher oxygen air your cells can absorb more oxygen.

SOQI Infra-Red Hot House Treatment

During the last week of November 2021 I had the privilege of experiencing SOQI Infra-Red Hot House treatment from Karin Keough. This treatment simultaneously includes an application of infra-red heat and a gentle powered movement of the lower body. This combined simultaneous application primarily works on, stimulates and activates the human body lymph system. The lymph system is a subsystem of the endocrine system. I am aware that it is important that all endocrine subsystems function properly; otherwise the entire endocrine will likely be affected adversely. After approximately an hour of treatment, I noticed that I felt more alive. Also, excluding any particular hormonal stimulation feelings, I noticed familiar bodily feelings from my youth. Last but not least I felt more physically balanced and coordinated. I plan to continue with Karin's SOQI Infra-Red Hot House treatments from time to time.

-David Carl Sinclair December 4, 2021

Ionic Detox Foot Bath

Detoxification is one valid way of maintaining good health. From this process, the toxins in the body gotten from food, air and water, are eliminated. These toxins are excreted through bowel movement and sweating.

Bowel movements, if not done regularly, can be induced by different colon cleansing procedures. Sweating on the other hand is done by exercise and body movement. However, just like bowel movement, sweating can also be stimulated either by sauna or foot bath.

Testimonials From our

My son is 17 years old and has had an autism/add diagnosis since he was 3.

We have done many healing modalities such as IV chelation, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, diet modifications and much more in the past; all of which have improved his quality of life. Dylan struggles focusing on school and has a tough time making friends. As a parent who loves her kid and wants the absolute best for him, I knew there had to be more that we could do to heal him fully. We stayed the night in the EE System and within 20 minutes Dylan was asking when we could do it again. He said his brain was working the way it was supposed to. He also said he could not have a panic attack even if he tried. He wants to bring his computer next time so he can write. He felt so creative in the space. He sat and meditated for about 20 minutes and told me he was manifesting 3 friends and a summer job. We both feel so blessed that we have found Karin and Divine Living. We look forward to health and healing.

March 15th, 2024.- Lisa D

Hi Karin, Thank you for yesterday's session. I wanted to give you a follow - up.

After the treatments (SOQI and QUEX) I was exhausted, drained, and kinda dopey for about 5 hours, had a ravenous appetite, then suddenly I felt stronger, and "back to normal", and positive. My sinuses, which were still stuffy from the cold (and probably allergies too) were much better, and I don't have much cough left now either.I'm eager to try more of your modalities, and the QUEX again! Blessings,

-Linda ,2022


My wife and I both came to the healing center looking for answers on multiple fronts. I first was able to use the infrared bed. Before I tell you about my experience, I have to give a little background. My wife and I own a painting business that we had just started. I was used to a desk job and now was doing a much more labor intensive job. To top it off, I was doing all the work myself because my wife just had major surgery and was on bed rest. Needless to say, I had worked myself past exhaustion and didn't know what relaxation or a pain free life even felt like. 20 minutes in, I noticed that I could finally breathe. My lungs opened up and I could breathe! 40 minutes in and my body was relaxed in a way that I couldn't even explain to you because I had never experienced that type of relaxation in my life. Once it was over and I got out, I felt 10 years younger. That I could take on the world. I was way more flexible. ... In the coming work days, I felt much stronger and able to do a lot more. I felt less irritable. I used to get mad at the most simple things and for some reason, it was like that part of my brain had completely shut off. My home life is so much better and my relationship with my wife has gotten 1000 times better. The best way I could describe the experience of going to the healing center is; its like love, its not something you can explain, you just have to experience it to understand. Read more

-Dominick ,2022
-Tarah ,2022

I came to Karin's facility after surgery. My husband and I were expecting a child and I had an ectopic pregnancy burst. I had to have emergency surgery to remove it and a liter and a half of blood from my stomach. I had to have a blood transfusion and stayed overnight for observation. I was given 3 types of pain killers. One of which was OXYCODONE which is highly addictive; and was ordered to stay on bed rest for 6 weeks. Being someone that does a very physical job, owning a painting business, I am used to moving ladders all day and carrying heavy buckets of paint. We are a small business that cannot afford for me to take 6 weeks off of work. My husband and I were desperate to find anything to help me get back on my feet and stop needing the pain killers; the pain was exhausting. I spent 2 hours doing biofeedback; and without telling her everything that I was having issues with, this machine knew every little thing that I have had issues with my entire life; stuff that was not even related to the surgery. ...As this machine was reading my body; I could feel and hear an energy going through my body. It showed me my aura and energy. It did acupuncture on areas of my body that needed it; including my spine and stomach. My kidneys have always had issues my entire life and I also know I also had a UTI. It told me my mental traumas I had and I am not sure how it helped me with those things that have haunted me from my childhood but I can say that I don't think about them as much anymore or I am not angry about them. I understand that they needed to happen in order for me to be who I am. I am more at peace with the people and the experiences that caused them. I am not someone that needs to know all the hows but I am someone that has a healthy level of skepticism and beliefs. I believe that this machine helped me. I am less than 2 weeks post op and back to work lifting ladders and paint. Read more

QuEX Biofeedback Device

In the spring of 2021 I had the privilege of experiencing Bio-feedback treatment with Karin Keough and her QuEX Biofeedback Device. The treatment lasted about an hour and the general emotional and physical feelings and sensations both during, and for several hours after the actual treatment could best be described as uplifting. My wife recalls that since the treatment I have had a relatively more laid-back attitude about life and have been so without losing healthy motivation. I agree that this is the case. My wife also recalls that since this treatment I've been less prone to emotional reactivity. We've both noticed that I've particularly been slower to anger. I plan to continue with Karin's QuEX Biofeedback treatments from time to time.

-David Carl Sinclair November 19, 2021
-Jodi Carwan ,2023 May 1, 2023

I’ve been dealing with chronic pain from a rectal cancer diagnosis off and on for 7 years. Additionally, I've been dealing with some recent kidney issues. The pain has increased over the past 2 years, and it’s been difficult to find the type of care to make a difference.

In December 2022 I was admitted into ICU for a kidney failure scare, I ended up having to stay 2 weeks to reduce fluid retention and unfortunately get temporary nephrostomy bags until such a time when the tumor shrinks and backs off of the bladder.

A friend told me about the EES system in November 2022, and I made my first appointment for a 2 day session in December. I spent approximately 10 hours split up between resting in the EES room, and using other frequency modalities. Once in the EES room, I literally couldn't keep my eyes open; reflecting back, I realized how much stress I was under and just how badly I needed it.

I recently came back from spending 6 hours a day for 5 straight days, in the EES room only. On day 1 I had increased energy, and slept better, on day 2, I was tired from releasing so much stress, and pain, but felt better by the time I left. On day 3 the pressure and sharp pain in my rectum subsided and there was less tension in my pelvic area. It became easier to sit and drive. On days 4 & 5 the pain was significantly less and I was able to reduce the amount of pain medication I normally take in a day.

Overall, this experience helped raise my cellular energy, get uninterrupted sleep, balance my emotions, cut down stress, and the best part was eliminating the terrible bouts of pain I had been under for several months. I'm grateful for these opportunities to have carved out “me” time to be in total peace & quiet where I was able to completely relax my mind and body in order to have such an incredible emotional & spiritual shift.

Thank you Divine Living for making such a difference in the lives of others. May God continue blessing you!!

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Dear Divine Living,

I would like to share some clinical and anecdotal experiences I have had being a member of your ministry over the past 11 months. I have been partaking of the EE system, Photon Genie, and the ionic footbath.

After one month of twice-weekly two-hour EE system sessions followed by an ionic footbath, the nurse replacing my in-dwelling catheter remarked that the prostate had shrunk significantly and was of normal size so far as she could tell.

After attending the system for about three months, my blood oxygen levels as recorded by a pulse oximeter had risen from 95% on average up to 97% on average. Now, after 11 months of attendance, it is not uncommon to have the pulse oximeter show 100% oxygen.

Congestion as a result of double pneumonia was cleared up within two weeks of being introduced to the Photon Genie. Even when not using the healing center for about a month, the congestion does not return!

15 years ago I was diagnosed as being legally blind. Subsequent visits with ophthalmologists showed further degradation of my vision until last week, when my ophthalmologist told me the vision in my left eye can be corrected with glasses.

I so appreciate all that Divine Living has to offer! I have found the sincerity, compassion, and genuine desire to help people that is exhibited by the founders and staff to be refreshing and inspiring!

I look forward to watching your ministry enjoy continued success as well as its expansion, as Divine Living has a wonderfully eclectic collection of modalities and a sincere desire to assist in supporting people’s health!

... Read more

-Ray Newby June 17, 2023
-Linda Thomas July 14, 2023

Molecular Enhancer Session With Karin

My session with Karin started with both of us charging each on different enhancers and then she stood on an enhancer, with me on a massage chair.  I could feel the energy was much stronger than charging by myself.  Karin worked on the lymph nodes in the back of my neck, and towards my ears. I seemed to be open and then, boom, we felt one was definitely blocked. Wow, working it really loosened it up. It was not painful, more, like hitting a wall. I could feel the energy as she moved to each node. The main reason for the doing this was, I have TMJ and pain in the right side of my jaw, 24/7. Now, the pain  along the jaw is ok to touch and my TMJ is not as severe as before. I will come back for TMJ and to use the EE System, I really, really love the EE System. I get rested, energy and the music is soothing. Thank you Karin, and husband for having a place to help the body heal itself.


In the spring of 2021 I had the privilege of experiencing Bio-feedback treatment with Karin Keough and her QuEX Biofeedback device. The treatment lasted about an hour and the general emotional and physical feelings and sensations both during, and for several hours after the actual treatment could best be described as uplifting.

My wife recalls that since the treatment I have had a relatively more laid-back attitude about life and have been so without losing healthy motivation. I agree that this is the case.

My wife also recalls that since this treatment I've been less prone to emotional reactivity. We've both noticed that I've particularly been slower to anger.I plan to continue with Karin's QuEX Biofeedback treatments from time to time.

... Read more

-David Carl Sinclair November 19, 2021


What is Exercising With Oxygen? Commonly called EWOT, (pronounced E- watt) is a revolutionary way to get more oxygen into your tissue which can have profound benefits to all of your body's tissues and systems. Within a short period of time, usually around 15 minutes, we can help your blood absorb as much as 433% more oxygen.

Live O2 - Adaptive Contrast Exercise During a 15 minute (mild to moderate) workout done on a recumbent bike we combine higher intensity periods of exercise with higher altitude air and periods of rest at near pure oxygen to rapidly increase levels of oxygen in the blood stream. The exercise does not have to be intense and we can modify the protocol for any fitness and health level.

Better than Hyperbaric? Studies have shown that mild hyperbaric oxygen can increase blood oxygen saturation by 30%. This increased oxygen level lasts about 3 hours after treatment. Treatments need to be at least an hour long and for serious conditions 5-6 times per week. Hospital grade hyperbaric chambers are costly to run and use and have several risks associated with them. Hyperbaric oxygen is a great treatment option for many health conditions, however there are some advantages to the Live O2 system.

One of the great things about Live O2 is the ability to customize the treatment to the individual. People with long standing illness can get more oxygen into their system with little effort while people training for performance enhancement can get a supercharged HIIT workout.

The session lasts up to 15 minutes in which you wear a mask attached to a reservoir with two pouches, one containing 95% pure oxygen and one containing high altitude air. We have you do some moderate exercise while monitoring heart rate and blood oxygen levels while switching back and forth between very low intensity exercise and some more intense challenge periods. Switching between these two modes changes the PH of the blood and allows up to 433% more oxygen into the bloodstream. While some may sweat, the treatment leaves people feeling refreshed for days

We recommend that people wear comfortable clothing such as workout gear to use the machine. We can accommodate those with limited movement, but please call the office to discuss first. We recommend that people wear comfortable clothing such as workout gear to use the machine. We can accommodate those with limited movement, but please call the office to discuss first.

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